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Why roofs hate extreme weather

It’s true that if you look after your roof, it will serve you well for decades and stand up to any storm or dry spell. BUT if you don’t get it looked at every few years, cracks and leaks can form as a result of very dry or very wet conditions.

We’re sure you noticed that September in Brisbane was bone dry with several scorching-hot days. And then the rains came on schedule at the start of October. So what does this mean for your roof? If you have it inspected regularly, everything should be ship-shape. If not, you may have a problem, Houston.

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When your roof is exposed to dry heat, some components can dry out and crack. The underlay especially is prone to heat damage, and then there are roof tiles… In hot, dry conditions, roof tiles contract and curl slightly. This tension can cause little tiny cracks to form. When this starts happening, it can lead to an unfortunate chain reaction where other tiles follow suit and crack too! You may have heard about your roof needing ‘good ventilation’. Because it’s constantly contracting and expanding in the weather. It quite literally needs room to breathe.

This is also why it’s important to get your roof assessed by professional roofers every 3-5 years. Repairing one damaged tile is straightforward. Repairing a lot of damaged tiles is a different story (ahem the dreaded ‘roof replacement’). If – unbeknownst to you – your roof tiles crack in the heat and then heavy rains follow, hello leaky roof.


Roof Mould

Another weather-related thing to be aware of is that at some point, your roof will likely start to grow mould or fungus. Particularly after a storm when it’s very hot and humid. This is no big deal in itself – except if you care about aesthetics. A mouldy roof makes your home look older and kind of uncared for. It can also have a de-valuing effect when you’re looking to sell.

So what’s the answer?

A thorough pressurised clean from the professionals! We can remove any mold and check for damage while we’re at it. Again, it’s a good thing to get done every few years. Like we always say, when it comes to roofs, a regular check-up is far less costly than a complete overhaul.

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