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How to rain-proof your roof

While the sound of rain on a tin roof can be very relaxing, heavy showers can seriously impact your roof’s integrity – particularly if the structure isn’t well-maintained.

Given the heavy rainfall Brisbane has experienced lately, we thought it would be wise to alert home-owners to the common problems caused by downpours and advise them of the practical measures they can take.

 The 5 most common roof issues caused by rain are:

  1. Cracked roof tiles = leaks!
    Intact roof tiles can withstand rainfall just fine, but if any are damaged rain can seep through and leak inside the house.
  2. Overflowing gutters
    If your gutters are blocked or not redirecting rain runoff as they’re supposed to, a whole host of damage can occur to your property.
  3. Cracked ridge pointing
    Designed to seal the roof against dust and water, ridge pointing that’s not in good condition can create another access point for rain.
  4. Rusted metal roofing sheets
    Even though most metal roofs are now treated to prevent rust, this can wear away over time and if unchecked, corrosion results.
  5. Damage to ceiling and wet carpets
    When the rain does get in, costly damage to your interior is likely to occur.

The practical measures you can take:

  • Have your roof inspected regularly
    A rough guideline is to have a professional inspection carried out every five years. Roofers can pick up on any potential issues and fix them before rain exacerbates them. If products used on your roof are past the warranty period, the roof becomes uninsurable. A roofer can investigate this for you.
  • Clear your gutters of all debris and check they’re at the right pitch and angle
    Scoop all debris out with a shovel and flush with water afterward to ensure a clear flow.

If your gutters are clear and you’re still not happy with the way the run-off is flowing, have a roofer inspect them. They may have moved slightly over time. For the professionals, this is an easy fix.