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Metal Roofs – Five Great Tips in Caring for Yours

A metal roof is just about the longest lasting roofing material you can get; it will just about outlast every other material available. The low levels of maintenance required for metal roofs are one of the main selling points of a quality roofing system. Despite this, we at Home Roofing Brisbane believe that to regularly maintain your metal roof will ensure that it will look & perform better over time. Almost all of these tips can be applied to any roof, but even metal roofs can benefit from our guidelines just as much.

1. Don’t Spray Paint

If you go to all of the trouble & expense of installing a quality metal roofing system, the last thing you should do is use a sprayer to paint the walls or eaves. Why? The overspray is blown around by a breeze and randomly deposits a noxious cloud all over a shiny new roof.  Don’t do a rush paint job, just use rollers & a brush, plain & simple.

2. Don’t Walk on Metal Roofs Much

Most types of metal roofs can be walked on; we do this all the time as part of our jobs as roofing installation & maintenance experts. That being the case we recommend that you don’t do this too often, a constant stream of traffic will invariably damage your metal roof. As and when the need arises, please ensure that whoever is walking all over your roof is familiar with the roof manufacturers recommendations.

3. Reduce the Accumulation of Debris

Most of the time rain will rinse away most of what falls on your roof. However, there will come a time when you really just need to remove an excess build up of debris. If you must do this yourself, then take care, either remove the debris with a soft brush or a garden hose. If you do use a garden hose, then take care & avoid blasting away with a jet of fast water, in certain circumstances a hard jet of water can push water past even a metal roof. Alternatively you can hire one of our roofing professionals to do the job for you.

4. Prevent trees and bushes from rubbing against your new metal roof

The constant abrasion from bushes & trees moving around in the wind can cause some damage to the finish of a metal roof – or in some instance worse. It is possible that a hard enough branch over many years could damage a metal roof, beyond merely ruining its finish. The simple way to prevent this is to keep any trees & bushes well trimmed & well away from your metal roof.

5. Keep your Gutters Clean

As with our recommendations upon reducing the accumulation of debris, keeping your gutters nice & clean is equally as important. The constant year-round contact with wet leaves & other debris will eventually lead to a build up of material in your guttering system. Since metal roofs are designed to shed rainwater & then dry out, a suitably large build up of debris could stop the edges of your roofing system from drying out, which over time will lead to corrosion. We know this because we have to deal with cleaning gutters regularly, as well as repairing this type of damage to metal roofs.