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Home Roofing Brisbane Gains ISO 9001 Quality Assurance

ISO 9001What is an ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standard?

An ISO 9001 Qualification standard is an internationally recognised standard that defines a process of control within business activities. This process of control works toward ensuring that the needs and expectations of a customer are being met or surpassed.

An ISO 9001 Qualification identifies the provider as a business that is trained in delivering high quality and reliable services that are backed by the statutory and regulatory requirements of ISO, the International Organization of Standardization.

Meeting ISO 9001 standards

The Qualification takes an all-inclusive assessment and formal auditing of a businesses’ offered services. ISO 9001 is a system that blankets the documentation of everyday processes and audits. This ensures the upkeep of those services according to the standard. Carried out by an ISO-accredited officer who works with the service provider in the implementing of processes, these processes form a business system that means:

  • Fewer internal problems such as failures in service or product quality
  • Increased Revenue via productivity and financial performance when compared to those uncertified

What it means for the Client.

Clients can state the ISO 9001 accreditation to be part of their conditions of hiring a service provider, as it eliminates the potential of paying for non-authentic work, ensuring high quality without risk on an international standard.

A Worldwide Resource.

Businesses who receive the ISO 9001 Standard Qualification have met the international standard for all aspects of their offered services including:

  • Management Processes Including All Documents And Records
  • Services And Products The Business Supplies
  • Senior Management
  • Reviewing And Improving A System, Process Or Service

ISO 9001- it’s not just for large businesses

The ISO 9001 standard is currently used by over 1 million businesses both large and small worldwide. The popularity of the ISO 9001 Qualification continues to drive greater business standards and conditions across the board. Users of the ISO 9001 Standard undergo courses in industry that focus on awareness and a thorough implementation of new systems, while courses in auditing improve on existing systems.

If you’re seeking an ISO 9001 Qualified service provider to carry out maintenance for your roof, Home Roofing Brisbane has recently completed our certification for ISO 9001. Please call us for any quality assured service we can provide for you in the maintenance or repair of your roof.

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